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Brooks Trail Running Shoes

Brooks trail runners are the chosen brand for running enthusiasts and casual off-road joggers alike, thanks to their attention to detail, their innovative technologies, and elite performance that their shoes consistently deliver.

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Brooks Trail Running Shoes

A man and a woman running a mountain trail in Brooks Caldera 6 running shoes.
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Brooks Caldera 6 Men's Firecracker/Navy/BlueBrooks Caldera 6 Men's Firecracker/Navy/Blue
Brooks Caldera 6 Men's
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Brooks Catamount 2 Women's Blue/Black/YellowBrooks Catamount 2 Women's Blue/Black/Yellow
Brooks Catamount 2 Women's
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Brooks Caldera 6 Women's Black/Blue/YellowBrooks Caldera 6 Women's Black/Blue/Yellow
Brooks Caldera 6 Women's
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Brooks Caldera 6 Men's Rooibos/PeacoatBrooks Caldera 6 Men's Rooibos/Peacoat
Brooks Caldera 6 Men's
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Brooks trail runners are the chosen brand for running enthusiasts and casual off-road joggers alike, thanks to their attention to detail, their innovative technologies, and elite performance that their shoes consistently deliver.

What separates Brooks trail running shoes from the rest

Brooks has an absolute obsession with body motion mechanics. They work with runners of all types to research biomechanics and organize their data — everything from the type of body to the individual’s running style, to gender, and lots more. They then go to work in the lab, developing the latest shoe technology based on the data.

At Brooks, the process is pretty straightforward and no detail is too small: find out what runners need and create a solution for it, record miles and miles of test research, assess the findings and then repeat. Each groove on your shoe, every single stitch of fabric, it’s all there as a solution to a problem. If your shoes have it, it’s there by design, to help you have a better trail running experience

The Brooks team members are, in fact, runners. Brooks engineers shoes for you just as much as for themselves. They’re passionate about running, plain and simple. Before meetings, at lunchtime, in the afternoon. They keep their gear in the company locker room so they can hop up and go.Brooks trail running shoes are designed to be the best in the world for one simple reason: when they run, they want to have the world’s best shoes on their feet.

How Brooks trail running shoe technology will improve your running experience

Compared to the normal road shoes, the trail runners have features like extra-durable lugs for stability and aggressive tread patterns for better grip and traction. Here are some of the top features that separate Brooks trail runners from the rest:

The Brooks Cascadia Series

Just as the Adrenaline GTS is the go-to-shoe for road runners, the Cascadia series is the go-to-shoe for trail runners. While it’s not the lightest trail running shoe in Brooks lineup, it’s easily the cushiest for maintaining happy feet. And the latest model has an internal saddle designed for a stable lockdown fit.What you’ll notice:

  • SUV-Like Suspension System
    — The new Pivot Post system helps your foot stay level on shifting or uneven terrain. Whether pushing off or landing, each step feels stable and secure.
  • Rugged Grip — The outsoles are now engineered with TrailTack rubber which gives you non-slip traction on slippery surfaces,
  • Lightest Model Yet — Newly designed outsoles trim the weight down while allowing you to remain flexible and maintain your natural stride even over a dynamic terrain.

The Brooks Caldera series

Trail goers love the Caldera series largely for its breathability and moisture draining technology. And the Caldera makes it easier than ever to run on slippery, uneven surfaces, which is why fans are raving about it.What you’ll notice:

  • Intuitive Midsole Cushioning — The BioMoGo DNA midsole protects your feet against rough terrain over the duration of long trail runs.
  • Sticky TrailTack Grip — The outsoles are made with sticky TrailTack technology, and with lugs covering a large surface area, to give you an effortless grip whether you’re traversing a steep incline, or treading downhill.
  • Rapid Draining — The innovated underfoot and a streamlined upper, water is drained and repelled to avoid hindering your gait cycle. You won’t think twice about splashing through a creek or puddle.

Brooks PureGrit series

Designed for the daily trail runner, the holistic design allows you to feel the ground underneath you, while still protecting your feet. When it comes to trail running shoes, the PureGrit is about as lean and light as they come.What you’ll notice:

  • Agile Ride — Light-footed and sprightly, the PureGrit 8 is engineered to let your feet feel, engage and respond to the terrain underneath.
  • Confident Gripping — With a combination of the rubber sticky outsole, hex lugs, and splay lugs, your feet will grab hold of any surface.
  • Upgraded Fit — The snug new fit and the Ariaprene™ shoe tongue is engineered for repelling debris and draining any unwanted water.

Innovative Technology Featured in Brooks Trail Running Shoes

Brooks women’s and men’s trail running shoes have the required grip, protection, cushioning and stability to handle any off-road terrain. Here are some of the notable trail running shoe technology:

Sticky Rubber Compound

This outsole material provides traction and durability for various kinds of trail surfaces. Brooks trail shoes with this type of outsole material are perfect for runners who like going on unpredictable trail paths.

3D Hex Shaped Lugs

The biggest advantage of the 3D Hex lugs is that it gives an unmatched grip, allowing runners to traverse on a rocky and muddy surface.


Created from biodegradable materials, the BioMoGo DNA provides long-lasting comfort for adventurous trail runs.

Propulsion Plate

The Propulsion Plate provides a stable platform, strategically placed in the forefoot midsole, to give you more spring while toeing-off.

HPR Green

HPR (High-Performance Rubber) Green outsole material is a high-density carbon rubber that maintains durability while increasing traction. Great for both wet and dry surfaces.

3D Rubber Print Mud Guard

The 3D Rubber Print Mud Guard keeps your feet safe from mud, water, and dirt. It’s lightweight so that it won’t affect your stride.

Ballistic Rock Shield

The Ballistic Rock Shield is a thermoplastic sheath designed to disperse the landing impact. This protective layer shields the foot from rocks and other objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Brooks trail running shoes costly?

Yes, Brooks trail runners are considered high-end shoes, however, they are not that expensive compared to the premium trail running shoes of Altra, Salomon, and Hoka One One. Some trail hikers and runners consider the price of Brooks trail shoe to be average, especially considering all the advanced technology they have compared to the competition.

Are Brooks trail shoes good for walking?

Definitely, they are best to walk on paved surfaces and treadmills. Brooks trail shoes contain durable outsole and the most comfortable cushioning available. However, if you plan on using them solely for walking, you may want to check out Brooks walking shoes which are engineered specifically for that purpose.

What is the best Brooks trail running shoe for men?

The Brooks Cascadia is considered to be the best and reliable trail running shoes. This shoe has a reliable grippy outsole, upper and durable midsole, and comes in both men's and women's models.

Can I buy a waterproof trail shoe from Brooks?

Yes, the Cascadia GTX is the waterproof version of their most popular trail shoe.

Do Brooks trail shoes run small in size?

Brooks recommends runners buy their shoes a 1/2 size, to one size, larger than their normal size.

Can I wear trail shoes on the road?

Absolutely, you can use the trail shoe on the road. The main difference you might notice is that trail running shoes are going to feel heavy compared to a pure running shoe, especially if the outsoles are created using pure carbon rubber.

If you’re planning on doing more running on the pavement as opposed to rougher terrain, you may want to take a look at Brooks’s road running shoes.

What’s the best Brooks running shoe for me?

The best shoe for you will depend on your unique circumstances. What kind of feet do you have? Are you a neutral runner, an overpronator, or do you have flat feet?

  • For neutral runners — Your arches are “normal” and your feet feel comfortable in most running shoes. With each step, your heel hits the ground first and then rolls toward your toes, while your arches roll inward. This motion helps absorb impact and protects the knees and joints from any added pressure. The Brooks Caldera is a great option for neutral runners.
  • For overpronators and flat feet — When your foot hits the ground it rolls inward much more than neutral runners. This strains your joints and knees quite a bit. To counter this motion you’ll need a shoe with more arch support, like the Brooks Cascadia.

Secondly, what are your trail running goals? If your trail runs vary from day-to-day or if some days you’ll be doing slightly longer runs, you’ll likely want an all-purpose running shoe. The Brooks Caldera is a great option.

If you’re going on longer runs, but don’t care about your speed, you’ll want extra foot protection. The Brooks Cascadia has plenty of cushioning to protect your feet, the tradeoff is that it’s bulkier and will slow your speed down.

If you’re looking to improve your race time, then you probably want a shoe that stays out of your way. The Brooks PureGrit is the closet to a minimalist trail running shoe in Brooks’ lineup. It’s extremely light compared to the other trail runners, which will help you run faster.

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