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Brooks Walking Shoes

Brooks is one of the most well-cushioned walking shoe brands on the market today. And we've got the top Brooks walking shoes for you. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

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Brooks Walking Shoes


Brooks is one of the most well-cushioned walking shoe brands on the market today. And we've got the top Brooks walking shoes for you. For a more in-depth review, see our breakdowns below.

Brooks Addiction 2 – Brooks Classic Stability Walking Shoe

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is a popular go-to walking shoe for overpronators/ It’s designed to be a motion control shoe. This means it’ll stabilize your arches to make sure your foot doesn’t roll inward with each step. To achieve this, they added a rollbar that guides your motion. And the leather upper does a nice job of holding your foot in place.

The Addiction Walker 2 is also a heavily cushioned walking shoe. This makes it a great pick if you struggle with plantar fasciitis or if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day.

The shoe is a podiatrist recommended shoe for anyone who needs extra orthopedic support. An added plus: the Addiction Walker 2 is slip-resistant. This makes it great if you work in a restaurant or a job where slipping can be a problem. The Addiction Walker comes in two different styles: regular laces or velcro V-straps.

The V-strap version is great for anyone who appreciates the convenience of velcro. Just note: they tend to run small. Keep this in mind when choosing your size. What you’ll notice:

  • Comfy Cushion

Brooks designed these shoes with comfort in mind. When you slip them on, you’ll immediately feel the pillowy cushioning. This makes the Brooks Addiction a great shoe for walking or even standing all day.

  • Easy on your leg muscles

The Addiction Walker 2 has a heel-to-toe drop of 12mm. This means you’re more likely to land on your heel (as opposed to flat-footed). This helps reduce strain on your calf muscles.

Brooks Addiction Suede – Brooks light, breathable alternative to the Addiction 2

The Addiction Walker Suede is similar to the Addiction Walker 2. The main difference is the suede upper, as opposed to the regular Walker’s heavier leather. Both models are well cushioned, slip-resistant, and have stability tech for people with low arches. But if you want a lighter, more breathable model, the Walker Suede might be for you. (The suede upper is also kind of stylish looking) What you’ll notice:

  • Breathable

Although the upper is entirely made of suede, it has tiny holes that allow air in and heat to escape. If your feet tend to get sweaty throughout the day, you’ll appreciate how this shoe keeps them cool and dry. FYI: Shoes with as much structure as the Addiction Suede wouldn’t typically be so light and airy. But this is what makes this model unique.

How do I choose the best Brooks walking shoe for me?

When you’re looking for walking shoes, you’ll want to keep a couple of factors in mind:

  • What kind of surface you’ll be walking on
  • The amount of time that you’re walking
  • You also want to choose a shoe that’s right for the structure of your foot and the way you walk.

Let’s walk through it.

Best Brooks shoe for leisure walking & errands

For casual tasks like walking the dogs, going to the post office, or just wearing them at home, you’ll want to make sure you have a comfortable shoe. You’d probably like a model like the Addiction Walker Suede because it’s got pillowy cushioning, lightweight, and it’s breathable to keep your feet cool.

Best Brooks shoe for being on your feet all day at work

If you’re going to be on your feet for hours at a time, you’ll want a shoe with plenty of cushioning. The Addiction Walker 2 was designed for standing long hours. It’s got tons of cushioning, a sturdy leather upper, and it’s slip-resistant in case you work in a hazardous environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same pair of shoes for daily walking and exercise?

The short answer is yes, you can. However, if possible, it’s a good idea to have one pair of shoes for leisure or work activity, and another for exercise. This way you won’t wear them out as quickly and need to buy a new pair.

How often should I replace my Brooks walking shoes?

Generally speaking, walking shoes need to be replaced around 300 - 500 miles. Here are some signs that it’s probably time for a new pair:

  • If you notice the tread on your shoes are wearing down, especially if it’s wearing unevenly.
  • If the cushioning is no longer keeping your feet comfortable like it used to.
  • If you notice your feet sliding around in the shoe, as if it’s not holding you in place as well as before.
  • If you’re experiencing aches or pains after standing or walking for hours, this could mean that the technology in your shoes is no longer working.

Can I machine wash my walking shoes?

No, it’s not a good idea to put your shoes into the washing machine. It can break down the technology and cause damage to the outsole.

What’s the best way to clean my Brooks walking shoes?

The best way to clean your walking shoes is to wash them with a soft brush and mild soap.

  1. The first step is to remove the insole and the shoestrings.
  2. Next, you’ll want to softly brush the shoe with mild soap to scrub away dirt.
  3. After that, you’ll want to use cold or cool water to rinse the shoe.
  4. Last, be sure to let them air-dry. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight as this could cause damage.

I need help deciding: Which would be the best walking shoe to start with?

  • Addiction Walker 2 – The Walker 2 is a great all-around walking shoe. It’s got plenty of plush cushioning to keep your feet comfortable all day. It’s got a supportive leather upper. And it’s got a slip-resistant outsole in case of a potential slipping hazard.
  • Walker 2 V-Strap – It’s the same as the Walker 2 but with two super simple hook-and-loop straps so you can slide the shoe on even easier and quicker.
  • The Walker Suede – If you’re not going to be standing or walking for hours at a time, you’ll probably want a lighter, casual shoe. The Walker Suede is light and breathable (compared to the Walker 2), but still has plenty of cushioning.
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