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Merrell Trail Running Shoes

Merrell trail running shoes are designed with a “no compromise” approach to quality. Each shoe is designed with 4 core values in mind: Comfort, Durability, Design & Versatility.

Merrell is a relatively young player in the running shoe arena. And yet they’ve already become one of the most sought-out brands among top athletes.

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Merrell Trail Running Shoes

Merrell Trail Running Shoes
    Merrell Nova 3 Men's OliveMerrell Nova 3 Men's Olive
    Merrell Nova 3 Men's
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      Merrell Antora 3 Women's RainbowMerrell Antora 3 Women's Rainbow
      Merrell Antora 3 Women's
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        Merrell Antora 3 Women's Rainbow LeopardMerrell Antora 3 Women's Rainbow Leopard
        Merrell Antora 3 Women's
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        Merrell Moab Flight Men's BlackMerrell Moab Flight Men's Black
        Merrell Moab Flight Men's
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        Merrell trail running shoes are designed with a “no compromise” approach to quality. Each shoe is designed with 4 core values in mind: Comfort, Durability, Design & Versatility.

        Merrell is a relatively young player in the running shoe arena. And yet they’ve already become one of the most sought-out brands among top athletes.

        What separates Merrell’s trail running shoes from their competitors

        • Merrell’s technology

        The advanced tech in Merrell trail running shoes is specifically designed to enhance athletic performance for on and off-road courses. They’re built for protection, stability, and comfort. They want runners to have the safest, and most enjoyable experience possible.

        • Trail tested and approved

        Merrell is known for creating high-quality products. Thanks to this, they are now one of the preferred trail running shoes worn by enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. They’ve been praised and won awards for “Best Footwear Award,” and “Best Barefoot Shoe,” to name just a few.

        • Their competitive price

        Yes, they’re designed with advanced running technology, and yes, they offer unique benefits not available in other shoes. But instead of making their shoes available only to elite athletes, their pricing is competitive with other running shoes in this space. This is impressive considering everything their shoes can do.

        How Merrell trail running shoe technology improves your run

        Merrell’s Trail Glove series – Minimalist

        The Trail Glove is among Merrell’s most popular trail runners. The barefoot vibe lets you feel one with nature while still protecting you from any debris. Though it lacks enough cushion for longer trail runs, it still offers great protection.

        What you’ll notice:

        • Airy

        The Trail Glove is made with a breathable mesh upper. It’s designed to let air in so that your feet don’t get sweaty. The materials also make this shoe exceptionally light for a trail runner.

        • Agile

        Thanks to the Flexconnect dual-direction groove midsole keeps your foot stable, your ankle supported, and yet you remain agile. Running over gravel or other uneven terrains becomes a breeze.

        Merrell’s Nova series – For serious trail runs, rocks, puddles, and all

        The Nova wasn’t built for a leisure stroll on a well-groomed trail. With its Gore-Tex membrane, TrailProtect rock plates, and Vibram TC5+ rubber outsoles, this is one rugged trail shoe. Bring on the next adventure.

        What you’ll notice:

        • A soft protective shell.

        On the outside, the Nova is designed to take a beating. But your foot nestled safely on the inside, you’ll never notice. All you’ll feel are the surprisingly soft EVA foam pods.

        • Adaptive

        The Nova’s 8mm drop helps you raise up onto your toes for steep inclines. And 5mm-deep multidirectional arrows keep your feet stable.

        Merrell’s Momentus series – Jack of all trails

        The Momentus is soft enough for protection, yet firm enough to return some energy. Its grip is world-class, and yet it’s light enough to use as a road running shoe. This is a great beginner trail running shoe for people just starting to learn what their preferences are.

        What you’ll notice:

        • MegaGrip.

        All trail shoes are expected to have a certain level of traction. But the Momentus models are practically daring you to run on muddy, slippery terrains.

        • Warm burrito-like wraparound.

        The Momentus wraps around your foot with it’s “Burrito tongue” for an ultra-snug fit. A lot of happy customers say that “this is the most comfortable their foot has ever felt in a trail running shoe. Or any shoe, for that matter.”

        Trail Running Technology Designed Specifically for Women

        Another thing that sets Merrell apart from so many other brands is that they use science-based data in their shoe design.

        A study from the NCBI showed the biomechanical differences between men and women when it comes to running. Everything from ankle range of motion, hip ROM, angular rotations, knee flexion, and more. Merrell trail running shoes are built with these unique requirements in mind.

        For example, women tend to pronate their knees because of their natural hip structure. Merrell’s shoes are designed to fix pronation, and balance alignment with each step.

        Merrell uses a more absorbent cushioning under the front of the foot to stop it from rolling in (pronating). And they use sturdier air cushion pods under the heel to stop the foot from rolling out (supinating) when it hits the ground. Other shoes that simply cram a bunch of soft cushioning under the foot make the runner feel awkwardly bouncy and loose.

        After just a few steps in Merrell trail running shoes, you will feel the difference.

        End result: They don’t just absorb the shock from impacting the bottom of your foot. They’re designed to absorb the shock from your ankles, knees, hips, and spine.

        Your whole body feels better.

        Merrell trail running shoe technology

        M-Select Dry

        First, the M-Select Dry acts as a shield against rain, puddles, and even wind, while remaining lightweight so it won’t affect your stride.

        Second, the material is designed to vent any internal moisture like sweat, to keep the inside of the shoe fully dry.

        M-Select Grip

        M-Select Grip is a slip-resistant outsole that provides an effortless grip to any surface. They’re designed with high-angled lugs that divert water away from the shoe with each step. And the razor siping grips the ground underneath you. The skid-free traction allows you to run through shallow puddles or even mud with ease.

        You can maintain your speed without fear of slipping or sliding.


        The FlexConnect midsoles are made with ethylene-vinyl acetate which is an ultra-light, and yet highly durable material. It’s built to protect your tendons and ligaments by allowing a natural flex with a snug fit.

        The end result: the perfect balance between agility and stability.


        The FlexPlate uses an integrated grip to keep each step flexible and rigid. The material is connected to the outsole lugs to protect you from rolling your ankles.

        Air Cushion+

        The Air Cusion+ midsole absorbs shock and minimizes excess bulk. And improves your posture by combating pronation and supination.

        Why Merrell shoes are so popular

        Merrell running shoes are in high demand for a number of reasons:

        1. Responsibility: Merrell drew a line in the sand when they made it a top priority to become vegan-friendly. They committed to using zero animal products – their shoes are literally making the world a better place.And that just feels good.
        2. Confidence: Merrell outsoles are made of Vibram – the Cadillac of outsole material – with 5mm-deep lugs. When you don’t have to worry about rolling your ankle or skidding on a slippery surface, it builds confidence.
        3. Status: The shoe designs are sleek and sexy...and everyone knows it’s a top tier brand. #Fact.

        What it’s like to run in a pair of Merrell shoes

        • The Glove-like fit: One of the first things you’ll notice when you slip them on is how your toes feel instantly cozy. And with zero-drop from heel to toe, you’ll have a comfortable posture which will lend to a more natural stride.
        • The Natural flex: After taking just a few steps in a pair of Merrell running shoes, you’ll notice your feet bending and flexing more freely. Just as they’re meant to do.
        • The Organic feel: As soon as you start your first run in the shoes, you’ll understand that not all running shoes are created equal. The anatomical design and adaptive materials let your feet feel the ground underneath them. You’ll get the stimulation your feet desire from the environment.
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