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On Running Shoes

When On broke onto the high-performance footwear scene, the Swiss company not only revolutionized the running shoe industry but also challenged the status quo by introducing world-class running shoes to the masses. No longer were high-tech materials and rigorously tested designs reserved for elite athletes!

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On Running Shoes

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When On broke onto the high-performance footwear scene, the Swiss company not only revolutionized the running shoe industry but also challenged the status quo by introducing world-class running shoes to the masses. No longer were high-tech materials and rigorously tested designs reserved for elite athletes!

What separates On running shoes from the rest?

Focus on cushioning, not correction

Ever run on clouds? Well, that’s what On's patented CloudTec® feels like. This state-of-the-art technology features cloud elements that provide the ultimate running sensation. This system of individual “clouds” cushions your landing and delivers an explosive take-off that lets you glide through your natural movement pattern without compromising protection. This is cushioning at its best!

Enjoy a flexible fit

A running shoe should not have a rigid, predefined sole, but rather be pliable enough to adapt to your individual foot. With more flexible soles, On shoes are engineered to conform to the unique way you run. The shoes are fitted with independent cloud elements that respond to your foot strike and compress to cushion your landing—eliminating tension and putting your feet in control.

Harness balance and momentum

Running should be fun and refreshing, but without balance it becomes a strenuous activity. Good running shoes transition effortlessly from landing to take-off without causing friction, and that’s exactly what On running shoes do. Powered with CloudTec®, On running shoes provide a swift shift of energy. When you hit the ground, the cloud elements create a strong propelling force that pushes you through a smooth take-off.

Treat running as a sport, not an illness

Do you have a deficiency or a problem (such as flat feet) that keeps you from running? Well, On has a solution! With its expansive range of footwear, the company caters to just about every need—from low to high arches, from under- to over-pronation, and anything in between. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can find a great running shoe from On. Their world-class shoes are designed to help you enjoy every step of your run.

How On running shoes use technology to improve your run

On Cloud X

Whether you want a shoe for sports training, workout classes, or road running, this is the shoe for you. When you wear On Cloud X running shoes, you'll notice:
CloudTec® explosiveness: The sole is engineered with revolutionary CloudTec® elements to offer exceptional energy return from all angles. Fitted with a zero-gravity foam, the sole also provides superior grip for maximum mobility. Furthermore, the shoe has a lean heel cap with a dual-density sockliner to offer comfort and stability without strain.

Knit-weave engineered mesh breathability: No more sweaty feet! With this high-quality knit-weave mesh upper, the shoes are light, breathable, and offer support without restricting movement. Plus, it is enhanced with reflective features for easy visibility at night.

Maximum versatility: Cloud X is perfect if you enjoy a moderate or active lifestyle. Its CloudTec sole allows you to effortlessly transition to any activity, whether it's a short run, moderate gym session, long walk, or anything in between.

On Cloudace

The Cloudace offers the all-powerful triad for the ultimate running sensation: cushioning, speed, and support. These uniquely designed shoes provide unparalleled comfort for demanding runners. When you wear On Cloudace running shoes you'll notice:

  • CloudTec®-enhanced smoothness: The combination of CloudTec® and Zero-Gravity foam gives you a soft landing and powerful take-off. Both the forefoot and the heel are designed with distinct cloud elements for maximum protection. With Speedboard technology in the midsole, the Cloudace helps you to build momentum by creating strong propulsion.
  • Premium technical mesh support: Not only is it breathable, but the 3D molded heel pads and no-sew tape provide stability, a snug fit, and grit. Furthermore, it has a lightweight sockliner made from memory foam, meaning it conforms to your feet, keeping you comfortable and ready for take-off.
  • Super-comfortable cushioning: Cushioning doesn't mean sluggish or heavy. On’s perfect combination of technology and performance brings comfort, stability, and speed to runners looking for an advantage when running any distance.

On Cloud

A great option for the avid runner and minimalist alike, On Cloud running shoes are barely noticeable—making them perfect for your everyday activities. When you wear On Cloud running shoes you'll notice:

  • Breathable mesh: Thanks to its superior blend of materials, the Cloud provides a comfortable and snug fit. The antimicrobial fabric keeps your feet fresh and pathogens at bay as you go on with your activities. Plus, Cloud running shoes are outfitted with On's speed-lacing system, which allows you to slip in and out easily.
  • That you barely notice them: The Cloud isn’t On’s best-selling shoe for nothing! The sole is designed with a responsive foam and cloud elements for cushioned running that’s so comfortable you almost forget about your shoes. Though it features an advanced and powerful design, Cloud elegantly disguises its state-of-the-art technology with simple, elegant style.

On's running shoe technology

On's CloudTec® is the driving force behind the company’s unique running shoes. The cushioning system is made of clouds—hollowed-out pods that offer not only shock absorption but also stability and energy return.

Every On running shoe features CloudTec® and has protective heel cushioning to provide a stabilized, natural strike. Its adaptive rubber sole absorbs the stress of landing, and the clouds spring back from impact in order to offer a smooth transition to an explosive take-off.Apart from this revolutionary technology, On has developed technology that helps all kinds of athletes run on all kinds of surfaces.

Helion™ Super Foam

There always seems to be a trade-off with most running shoes. You either get a foam midsole with massive energy return that’s very heavy, or you get one that is light but not as durable or bouncy. Striking a balance between weight, cushion, and energy return seemed unrealistic until On stepped on the scene.

Helion™ offers cushioning that doesn’t compromise on comfort or durability. It’s temperature resistant, so its performance doesn’t drastically change due to external temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, it provides great energy return and offers a smooth transition from landing to take-off.


Like running on the trails? Well, the Cloudventure Peak is for you. Uniquely engineered with a Missiongrip™ outsole, On Cloudventure Peak trail running shoes allow you to traverse any terrain confidently. This outsole features sticky rubber and aggressive lugs in varied patterns for a perfect combination of traction and support to keep you comfortable and confident on your feet.

Zero-Gravity Foam

Zero-Gravity foam is the epitome of lightweight comfort. It provides the endless cushion of a much heavier material in an unbelievably light that shoe you have to run in to truly appreciate for yourself.

Rebound Rubber

Running should be effortless and smooth, and having a responsive sole is the way to achieve that. Rebound rubber is crafted with Swiss engineering to bring durability, comfort, and energy return to every mile you run.

What can CloudTecⓇ do for you?

There's no right way to run. Whether you are a rear-, mid-, or forefoot striker, the important thing is that your running shoes support your individual stride. Regardless of your biomechanics and gait, there are two main things you should focus on: your take-off and your landing. Both are important in preventing injury and conserving energy when running.

Explosive take-offs

If you are a rearfoot striker, cushioning is not something you should ignore. As previously mentioned, all On running shoes are fitted with CloudTec®, a revolutionary technology that provides the perfect shock buffer when landing. It's fitted with hollow clouds that compress as soon as you hit the ground and then immediately spring back for an explosive take-off.

Soft landings

The cloud elements cushion horizontally for a smooth landing. It is a complete step change that gives your feet the chance to land soft and start fast. Unlike most conventional shoes, the independent cloud elements provide custom support for your unique form and anatomy, giving your feet complete freedom.

Frequently asked questions

Which On running shoe is the best one for me?

Well, that depends on your goal and activity level. On's running shoes are designed to cater to different needs and are categorized according to your main running focus:

  • Active Life: When fitness is your way of life, why limit yourself to only wearing athletic shoes during workouts? Shoes in the On active life category are perfect for everything from running to running errands. Check out the classic Cloud or the stylish Cloud Terry for the perfect addition to your wardrobe.
  • Support: In need of a little extra stability during your run? On support running shoes feature a slightly wider base and comfortable cushioning that never slows you down. Check out the Cloudflyer or Cloudace for a smooth, stable ride.
  • Training: On training shoes are ideal for runners who like to mix up their workouts. Built to handle running as well as cross training and movement in all directions, shoes like the Cloud X and Cloudflow are the perfect addition to your fitness arsenal.
  • Trail: Hit the trails confidently with On trail running shoes! They bring together aggressive traction and uncompromising comfort so nothing gets in the way of your next adventure. Reach new heights in the Cloudventure or Cloudrock.
  • Race: If you've got a race in your future, On has a shoe that can help you find the finish line even faster. Combining responsiveness and cushion in a lightweight package, shoes like the Cloudrush and Cloudsurfer are perfect for indulging your need for speed!

What's the typical lifespan for On running shoes?

Although most modern running shoes are pretty durable, they will wear out eventually. Many factors play a role in how quickly shoes wear out, including your gait, size, and preferred running surface. On average, you should be able to get an average of 300-500 miles out of your running shoes before changing them out. Remember: The technology may wear out faster than the material, making the shoes underperform even without visible signs of aging. So, don't wait until they look worn out before you change them. Underperforming shoes decrease your running efficiency and increase your risk of injury.

Which On shoe is best for heavier runners?

Cloudflyer is ideal. Not only is it equipped with Zero-Gravity foam for a responsive run, but it also has a dense sockliner for extra comfort.

Can I wear On's running shoes for casual walking or hiking?

Yes, you can. On has a variety of shoes in their roster, including running, trail running, hiking, and active lifestyle shoes. While each category has shoes that meet different needs, all On shoes have the CloudTec® system that offers a smooth glide whether you are walking or running.

How can I best take care of my On shoes?

Cleaning your shoes should not be a hassle; here are a few tips:

  • To preserve the durability of the shoes, wash them only when they accumulate dirt or stains. Don't use soaps that might damage the color or material. Use a washcloth, a non-abrasive cloth, or a soft toothbrush to remove any stains.
  • You can reduce shoe odor using footwear-specific odor absorbers or sprays.
  • Always allow your shoes to dry completely between wears. Air drying with the shoelaces out is the ideal way of maintaining the integrity of the shoes. Avoid drying your shoes in direct sunlight as it may affect the midsole.
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