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Salomon Running Shoes

Running with shoes that offer support, comfort, stability, cushioning and excellent energy return gives you a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. That is what Salomon running shoes deliver.

Salomon running shoes are firm. The midsole is fitted with two unique technologies that make it soft and responsive for support and stability when running.

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Salomon Running Shoes

Salomon Running Shoes
    Salomon Index.02 Men's White/Lunar Rock/YellowSalomon Index.02 Men's White/Lunar Rock/Yellow
    Salomon Index.02 Men's
    White/Lunar Rock/Yellow
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    Salomon Predict Soc 3 Women's Black/MagnetSalomon Predict Soc 3 Women's Black/Magnet
    Salomon Predict Soc 3 Women's
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    Salomon S/Lab Phantasm CF Unisex Racing RedSalomon S/Lab Phantasm CF Unisex Racing Red
    Salomon S/Lab Phantasm CF Unisex
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    Salomon S/Lab Phantasm Unisex Racing RedSalomon S/Lab Phantasm Unisex Racing Red
    Salomon S/Lab Phantasm Unisex
    Racing Red
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    Salomon Predict 2 Women's White/Black/WhiteSalomon Predict 2 Women's White/Black/White
    Salomon Predict 2 Women's
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    Running with shoes that offer support, comfort, stability, cushioning and excellent energy return gives you a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. That is what Salomon running shoes deliver.

    Salomon running shoes are firm. The midsole is fitted with two unique technologies that make it soft and responsive for support and stability when running.

    What Separates Salomon Running Shoes from the Rest

    • Their shoes are Firm, yet Fast

    Salomon shoes are firm and designed to be responsive thanks to their signature technologies Vibe and the Chassis design. The Vibe technology combines Opal and EnergyCell+. The technology is fitted at the bottom of the shoes to deliver cushioning, shock absorption, and responsiveness.

    Chassis is a layer of dense foam or plastic (used in older models) found in between the midsole and rubber outsole. It makes the shoes rigid and helps maintain the shape. The Chassis design delivers stability and support and allows you to negotiate different terrains with ease.

    • Innovative Technology for Grip and Fine-tuned Fit

    Salomon shoes are known for their outstanding grip thanks to the Contagrip outsole. The running shoes use a specially formulated rubber that offers durability, flexibility, and traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

    The shoes are also fitted with a Quicklace lacing system. This allows you to create a precise fit, better than the traditional laces.

    • Salomon Supports Players and Outdoor Enthusiasts

    With their Salomon Foundation, the Company supports people suffering from skiing, train adventuring, and mountain climbing (work-related) injuries. They offer volunteer programs and financial aid to the athletes. Plus, they also help their families in case of death while at work (adventuring or other outdoor activities).

    Salomon has an online course through its Salomon Mountain Academy. The online course offers education on safety, topography analysis, and backcountry capers to mountain climbers and adventures.

    • They Support the Environment

    Salomon follows the Restricted Substance List in choosing safe and sustainable materials for their shoes and apparel.

    The Company also partners with the bluesign® company. They use a system that seeks to abolish the use of harmful material. Plus, they utilize proper manufacturing methods to support the environment.

    How Salomon Running Shoe Technology Improves Your Run

    Salomon's Sense Ride series.

    Salomon Sense Ride is the ultimate outdoor shoe series and is great for both technical, rugged, or well-groomed paths. These shoes are stable and have reliable traction making them ideal for long-distance running.

    The Sense Ride series is fitted with a QuickLace System that helps create an ideal fit. The EndoFit™ upper hugs and secures your feet in place. And, the 3D mesh also ensures the shoes are breathable and keeps the feet comfortable.

    The shoes are not waterproof, but they dry quickly.

    The ContaGrip powered outsole can perform well in any type of surface, whether dry, wet, or hard. The shoes have grooves that provide traction and speed, and they use the Ortholite insole for cushioning and protection.

    What you'll notice:

    • A better grip when running

    The ContaGrip rubber is versatile and offers support on any surface. The grooves are well spaced to provide traction.

    • A Cushioned and Protected running performance

    The Ortholite insole offers cushioning and protection on softer running trails. The insole offers the perfect mix of firmness-- not too soft or firm

    • A comfortable and breathable run

    The upper is fitted with 3D mesh that ensures your feet are breathable for all-day training

    Salmon Predict RA Series

    Predict RA series is for runners looking for a stable everyday training. The shoes have a super-stable and highly cushioned underfoot. The flexible and articulate upper moves with your feet.

    Each outsole adapts to your foot strike providing support when you most need it. The unique grooves are designed to guide and propel your feet for a smooth transition.

    What you'll notice

    • An ultra smooth foot transition

    The midsole cushions and propels the feet for a smooth forward transition.

    • The outsole is responsive and adaptable

    The outsole is fitted with ten independent platforms that are activated when needed and adapt to your foot strike.

    Vectur Shoe series

    Vectur is a training shoe designed with all the essential features you need to optimize your running. The shoes limit vibrations with Vibe Technology.

    They have a lightweight Sensifit upper that contours to your feet for dynamic comfort. The shoes are optimized for a smooth landing and powerful take-off.

    What you'll notice

    • Superior cushioning

    The midsole is crafted with Ortholite insoles that offer excellent cushioning and contours to your feet. Also, it is breathable and durable to offer comfort and performance when running.

    • Fewer foot vibrations

    The Vibe technology delivers cushioning and responsiveness. Plus, it reduces the impact, vibrations, and prevents fatigue.

    Salomon's Running Shoe Technology

    Salomon has different technologies designed to assist your running, whether on the road or trail.

    OptiVibe or Vibe Technology

    Vive technology is Salomon's two-piece midsole made of EnergyCell+ and OPAL. EnergyCell+ is a bouncy Eva foam midsole with an outstanding energy return. It delivers excellent durability and cushioning giving power to every strike.

    OPAL is lightweight and rests within the EnergyCell+ structure. It supports your feet and absorbs shock.

    These two features dampen the vibration that affects your joints.

    The benefits to you

    • The shoes deliver less vibration and fatigue when running without compromising your stride.


    This technology is made of overlays on the sides of the shoes and the heel. These overlays connect to the lacing system and cradle your feet to provide a secure and snug fit.

    The benefits to you

    • A customized and secure fit all around the foot


    It is a sock-like inner layer that snugly engages with your feet to keep them secure. EndoFit™ is stretchy and smooth to accommodate natural footstrike and prevent skin irritation. It also has pores that promote freshness of the feet.

    The benefits to you

    • No skin irritation when running
    • High cushioning for a supportive and pleasant run experience


    The Quicklace system has fit-securing elements that allow easy adjustments of the laces. The system comes with a thin cable that discreetly fits in the eyelets and with a toggle.

    The benefits to you

    • Easy lacing
    • Secure and precise fit

    Ortholite® Sockliner

    It is an extra layer of cushioning that adds support to the underfoot. Plus, it is breathable and is resistant to bacteria to enhance your comfort and performance.

    The benefits to you

    • It contours to your foot strike

    The Sockliner is resistant to bacteria and moisture, keeping your feet fresh and the in-shoe environment healthy


    It is an outsole layer of protection found on the road or trail running shoes. The technology combines lugs for gripping and flex grooves for traction on wet surfaces.

    The benefits to you

    • Outstanding grip and traction on both dry and wet surfaces

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can I Replace the QuickLace™?

    QuickLace is a fit-securing system that creates a perfect fit. However, with time the laces may get damaged and need replacement.

    Replacing the QuickLace system is straightforward. You will need the replacement kit, which can be purchased from the Salomon website. The kit comes with lace, the push button, and connectors.

    The Quicklace design is different for every shoe model, so check the design when replacing.

    To replace the laces, you need the kit, a piece of scissors and a lighter:

    • The lace comes with loops. Depending on the shoe model, the loops may or may not be removed.
    • Thread the lace using the plastic threader in the kit. You may have to burn the ends if loops are removed.

    Each kit package comes with a graphic description of how to fix the toggle.

    Which are the Best Road and Trail Salomon Running Shoes?

    Salomon XA Elevate series

    Salomon XA Elevate can do a little bit of everything. It has a durable outsole that offers traction for both dry and wet trails. And, it is fitted with extra-deep lugs on the underfoot, which makes the shoe ideal for road running.

    The breathable mesh upper keeps the shoes light enough for fast-paced runs on different terrains.

    The midsole combines the softness of the Eva foam and firmness of Chassis design. These features make the shoes cushioned yet rigid to maintain the shape of the feet when running.

    Which are the Best Salomon Running Shoes for Marathons?

    Salomon S/Lab Ultra Series

    S/Lab Ultra shoes are designed with internal sleeves that cuddle the foot. Plus. It keeps the feet firmly secure, allowing the shoes to respond to every foot strike.

    The midsole is made of PU foam, which gives the shoes cushioning and longevity.

    The shoes have exceptional durability and high mileage making them perfect for marathons.

    The S/Lab ultra running shoe series is available in men sizes only.

    How To Clean and Care for Your Salmon Running Shoes?

    Since the shoes are made with high-quality and sensitive materials, using a washing machine is not ideal. Instead, wipe off the dirt and mud with a wet or damp cloth. You can machine wash the sock liner with warm water.

    Avoid using direct sunlight for drying as it may damage the materials. Dry the shoes out at room temperature.

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