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K-Swiss Tennis Shoes

Whether you are a beginner or elite tennis player, there are two things to consider when buying tennis shoes; the playing court and the type of player you are – aggressive or baseline. K-Swiss tennis shoes are designed with top-notch technologies to support players at all levels. In this article, we look at the company’s popular models and help you pick the best shoes.

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K-Swiss Tennis Shoes

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    K-Swiss Ultrashot Team Men's Urban Chic/Soft Neon GreenK-Swiss Ultrashot Team Men's Urban Chic/Soft Neon Green
    K-Swiss Ultrashot Team Men's
    Urban Chic/Soft Neon Green
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      K-Swiss Speedtrac Men's Urban Chic/Sea Spray/Soft Neon GreenK-Swiss Speedtrac Men's Urban Chic/Sea Spray/Soft Neon Green
      K-Swiss Speedtrac Men's
      Urban Chic/Sea Spray/Soft Neon Green
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        K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Men's Urban Chic/Soft Neon GreenK-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Men's Urban Chic/Soft Neon Green
        K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Men's
        Urban Chic/Soft Neon Green
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        Whether you are a beginner or elite tennis player, there are two things to consider when buying tennis shoes; the playing court and the type of player you are – aggressive or baseline. K-Swiss tennis shoes are designed with top-notch technologies to support players at all levels. In this article, we look at the company’s popular models and help you pick the best shoes.

        How K-Swiss tennis shoe technology improves your performance

        Aero Knit series – K-Swiss’ light and speedy tennis shoe

        The shoes are designed for players who value speed and explosiveness more than anything.

        At first glance, you’ll notice a sock-like upper that is light and stretchy. This material cradles your foot and gives that snug feeling. Though the shoes break away from the traditional lacing system, they do have laces hidden underneath the sock.

        Its midsole cushioning is soft and comfortable, and you will feel like you are wearing a slipper. It has a Shock Spring system that gives that bouncy feel and reduces impact during those harsh landings

        A possible downside is that the soft upper can be a little too stretchy. The shoes stretch more on the sides as you make lateral movements, making your feet slip over the edges. This is somewhat to be expected as this isn’t a stability shoe.

        Despite the mesh upper, the shoes are not as breathable as they could be, and your feet will get a tad warm after some game time.

        What you’ll notice:

        • Very comfortable

        Aero Knit has a glove-like feel, and the internal laces secure your feet in place. The soft uppers hugs and flexes with your feet as you play.

        • Gripped and stable movements

        The shoes are fitted with highly durable rubber from toe to heel that offer grip and traction.

        The outsole is a little sticky right out of the box but will improve after a couple of sessions.

        K-Swiss Ultrashot series: K-Swiss’ top-shelf stability shoes

        Support, stability, and cushioning are Ultrashot’s strong points.

        The midsole strikes a balance between stability and softness. It rides low which gives stability for confident moves and abrupt stops. Yet, it feels soft, giving that ‘marshmallow’ feeling, like walking in a soft pillow.

        The shoes have a high-density rubber that increases durability and makes you feel secure. These shoes are so durable that the company offers a six-month outsole warranty.

        The toe box is a little wide, which may be a problem for people with narrow feet.

        One thing that some people may have an issue with is that the traction on these shoes is squeaky. Probably not a deal-breaker, but just something to note.

        What you’ll notice:

        • A thick tongue

        These shoes have a thick, padded tongue which will provide an all-round cushioned feeling.

        • Quick direction changes

        There is enough stable base, and the Aosta rubber outsole offers a perfect grip for those quick starts and abrupt stops.

        Plus, the upper holds your feet well without restricting movement, which allows you to make those quick direction changes.

        K-Swiss Bigshot Light series: K-Swiss’ value/budget, stable shoes

        The shoes are great for beginners who value stability but don’t want to invest a lot for a premium shoe while they’re still learning their playing preferences. This is still a very supportive shoe, the upper is stiff and will keep your feet secure during those aggressive moves.

        The comfort in these shoes is not going to be as plush as the high-end models. The innersoles are on the thinner side, so if you’re looking for more cushioning you may want to add a thicker insole.

        The uppers can be a little firm out of the box, requiring about two weeks to soften up. And if you have wider feet, the toe box may feel a bit narrow, but for the most part, it shouldn’t affect stability or comfort.

        The Bigshot Light 3 offers excellent support and stability for a great price. It does not have much cushioning or durability. But, all in all, it is a great shoe for players who are just starting out.

        What you’ll notice:

        • Stable and grippy

        The stiff upper offers excellent protection and provides lateral support for those aggressive twists.

        The outsole rubber has excellent traction enabling you to make quick movements

        How do I choose the best K-Swiss tennis shoe for me?

        There are three things to consider when choosing the ideal tennis shoe:

        1. Your playing style
        2. The type of court you’ll be on
        3. Which you prefer: stability or comfort.

        First, your playing style–What kind of player are you?

        • An aggressive player: As an aggressive player, you like to go after the ball rather than wait for it. This often requires you to slide into position as you dive for your shots. For better performance, you’ll need speedy tennis shoes that allow you to sprint like the Aero Knit.
        • A baseline player: This player likes to hang at the back end of the court. They prefer to wait for the shots, giving them more time to react to the opponent's shots. They tend to make lateral movements and need shoes that have more stability tech in the upper like the Ultrashot.

        Next, the type of court?

        • Clay court: This court affects the speed of the ball and can alter how the ball bounces. Clay courts also drastically affect your ability to stop and start. Shoes with specific tread patters like the Hypercourt Express and the Aero Clay are designed to perform on clay courts.
        • All court: If you play on any type of court, the majority of the K-Swiss tennis shoes will suit you. Shoes like the Aero Court, the Bigshot Light 3, and the Ultrashot 2 offer support on indoor or standard outdoor courts.

        And finally, what do you prefer: speed & agility or stability?

        • Stable & durable: Players who value stability over comfort will find the Ultrashot a perfect shoe. It has a K-Swiss GuideGlide midsole technology that gives a springy experience. And, the Aosta rubber outsole holds up well even with lots of running on the court. Or if you’re looking for a stability shoe, but at a more approachable price, the Bigshot Light 3 is a great value option.
        • Light & breathable: If you like a swift change in direction, you need light and speedy shoes with proper ventilation. The Hypercourt Supreme is a perfect option. The shoe has a soft upper that flexes with your feet as you move.
        • Comfort: Players who value cushioning and comfort over anything might like a shoe like Aero Knit. It has a unique upper with hidden laces that hold your feet in place. The ventilation is subpar, but for shorter matches, the Aero Knit holds up quite well.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        I need help deciding — What are the best K-Swiss tennis shoes for a beginner?

        • Hypercourt Express – this shoe is ideal for new players looking for soft underfoot. It is well cushioned with step-in comfort. It rides low and offers excellent support, but the stability is average. Though the upper will hold your feet in place, you may slide a little during those aggressive moves.
        • Bigshot Light 3: It is affordable and has a little bit of everything. It has excellent traction and grip. The upper is stable to keep your feet secure. The durability is decent, though they do need some break-in time.

        Can I use K-Swiss running shoes for playing tennis?

        Running shoes and tennis shoes are different in both design and function. The primary goal of running shoes is to offer cushioning, stability, and support to propel you forward. They also have extra padding for better shock absorption.

        Tennis shoes support side-to-side movements on different court types. They are low to offer support and grip and allow players to slide into their shots.

        If you were to choose one for both sports, tennis shoes would be a better choice for a recreational run. Running shoes aren’t going to offer that lateral support you need for moving side-to-side.

        One thing to note: tennis shoes are typically heavier than running shoes, and may weigh you down during those longer runs.

        What if I’m not sure which type of court I’ll prefer playing on yet — which K-Swiss tennis shoe would be best for me?

        If you don’t know which type of tennis court best suits you, the all-court K-Swiss tennis shoes may be a perfect place to start. These shoes have a different tread outsole pattern that offers decent support on any court.

        How often should I replace my K-Swiss tennis shoes?

        There is no exact formula to determine the tennis shoes’ lifespan because they all do not wear out the same.

        Light and speedy shoes often are not supportive or padded and tend to wear out quicker. Heavier stability tennis shoes are sturdier and provide more prolonged traction.

        However, the general rule is to replace shoes after 45 to 60 hours of play or after six months. Other indicators include:

        • Compromised traction causing you to slip around on the court
        • Soreness in the ankles, knees, and lower back after a few hours of play

        Can I machine wash K-Swiss tennis shoes?

        No. Using a washing machine will shorten the life of your tennis shoes. It may damage the technology and shorten the lifespan of the shoes.

        What’s the best way to clean my K-Swiss tennis shoes?

        The best way is to clean your tennis shoes with a soft brush and mild liquid soap.

        1. Remove the laces and insoles.
        2. Wipe the insoles with a cloth and air dry them
        3. Remove loose soil and dirt and clean the inside and outside of the shoes with a soft-bristled brush. For leather tennis shoes, use a leather spray or lotion. And, use a mild soap for non-leather shoes.
        4. Air dry your shoes. Avoid direct sunlight because it causes the material to wear out faster.
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